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I am into day 3 of Walk to Rivendell. I didn't forget to walk - just to update. :)

The trail has been really beautiful lately. The trees are all changing and the weather has been chilly but beautiful. Great for long walks, which is what I've been doing. Beginning in Dec., I'm going to start the couch to 5k program again, too.
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I am so pleased with the story, by the horns,here that lastwingedthing wrote for me! It is a wonderful first time story with Mirrim and Menolly (Dragonriders of PERN) and it doesn't brush over the complications of first times! Whee!

It's also very set in the world of PERN and it hints at some of the complications that their relationship could face, which I also love.

Thank you for everything! This is just such a wonderful treat. :)


As for my story, the first I've written in almost a year, I wrote Stockholm, which is a Disney Princess (all Sleeping Beauty, though) Aurora/Maleficient story. I won't lie... it's pretty fucked up.

But, I enjoyed writing it. And I enjoyed writing again.

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Halfway through Day 2 of the Hobbits walk.

I've sucked at keeping up with the walking log, but done a good job with the walking! It's been beautiful and if you're friends with me on Facebook, I've been posting some pics. :)

Too many things going through my mind while walking to recapture them all.

It's been good, though.

New TV

Sep. 30th, 2013 05:20 pm
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I'm trying to find some new tv shows that I'll like watching. I miss that kind of mindless entertainment.

So far, I have NOT seen SHIELD, but I have taped it and I will be watching it and I'm super excited about it already. :D

I have seen both episodes of Sleepy Hollow. Meh. I don't like the heavy handed forced feeding of plot, but the effects were cool enough (not all, but most) and the characters have the potential to be interesting if they stop being caricatures of themselves. I have to admit, I don't get the flail. Yes, they are pretty, but they aren't exactly subtle.

I also watched The Blacklist and I'm frankly blown away. I always forget how fantastic an actor James Spader is. Creepy as all get out, mind, but fantastic.

I'm planning on watching The Tommorow People, too.

What am I missing?
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I got my assignment for femslashex.

I am wildly excited.

Like whoa. *DANCE OF JOY*
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This is a holderspace for my letter. :)

ETA: General Thoughts

I love plot, witty dialog, clever characters. I'm happy with fluff, angst, porn, or any other variation. I have a huge fic!kink for noir, though, if you wanna take any of this in that direction. I like exploration of character flaws. I also like slice of life - a lot!

I adore all of these characters. I love all of these worlds. So, you are welcome to go in any direction you'd like, honestly.

Dislikes: I don't deal well with non-con or dub-con (unless you focus on the fall out as realistically as possible). I don't like torture (not that I think that's an issue). I don't like character bashing, although I don't mind snark or honest observations.

I'm very, very excited! Thank you, writer, for whatever you do for me. I'm gleeful!

1. Girls with Slingshots

Erin/Jaime or Thea/Mimi

Optional Details )

2. Disney Princesses

Aurora/Snow White (Disney) ×
Belle/Fa Mulan (Disney Princesses) ×
Cinderella/Snow White (Disney) ×
Belle/Merida (Disney) ×

Optional Details )

3. Young Justice

Artemis Crock/Zatanna Zatara (Young Justice) ×
Artemis Crock/M'gann M'orzz (Young Justice) ×

Optional Details )

4. Dragonriders of Pern


Optional Details )

I will add more details later. For now, this is my signup. :)


Sep. 13th, 2013 11:03 am
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Yep, The White Queen. Oh yes.

Holy moly and lots of other things.

Women characters everywhere being AMAZING.
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There is no reason for me to be as tired lately as I have been. I give up...

I'm gonna go to bed in a minute and trust that whatever bug I have will pass.

Tomorrow morning I'mma gonna walk again. Log some more miles and see what thoughts circle my brain while I do that.

I have more to say, but it'll have to wait...
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Just watched about three minutes of Taxi Cab Confessions. I'm icked out to the extreme.

Whatever "games" you like playing, people are not possessions. Women are not things to be controlled for profit or personal gain.

If you can't respect people, you aren't "playing" at anything. You're just a disgusting human being.
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I'm super stoked for fandom nominations. I'm debating fandoms, but I think that once again I will stick with short. :)

First, Cargo!

Someone reminded me of this and I really want to see fic from this world!


Next, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Why yes, there IS a post apocolayptic theme here...


I will be asking for the webcomic Girls with Slingshots again, because I will ask for that until someone writes it for me. *hearts*


I'm not sure what else I will ask for... I'm still pondering that 4th nomination. I am, however, glad that the two noms rule is gone. Because, while I saw someone else asked for Cargo, I don't see anyone else asking for either of these others... :(

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I started on a birth control pill last summer called Beyaz. It was expensive and didn't seem to do much beyond the name sake in terms of being helpful. About a month later, I started shedding a lot of hair, but I didn't put two and two together until October.

I lost a lot of hair in September, like sobbing on the couch while N brushed out clumps of hair a lot (and yes, that is literal and yes, I am scarred from it emotionally, if not actually physically). The trash can was full of it.

I panicked.

And someone suggested that it might be a side effect of my birth control. I looked and yep. I researched and double yep. I talked to my doctor and got switched to Loestrin. Two months later... I'm not shedding hair anymore.

But, I have bald spots. Actual balk spots.

To those who have seen me, but not noticed, thank you for not noticing. To those who noticed, but didn't say anything, thank you even more.

I don't consider myself overly vain, but this has been incredibly hard on me.

A few days ago, it occurred to me to wonder if my hair would ever grow back. I was talking to my mom at the time, and she jumped on google and found out that, apparently, it is a common enough side effect that a lot of people complain about it.

I'm torn between being pretty angry and still just upset. My doctor never mentioned that this was a likely side-effect (nor did she mention that it was 3 times more likely to cause DVT than other types of birth control pills). There are several class action lawsuits against the company, although I can't confirm if any of them include my symptoms, or just the blood clots.

I also can't find much about whether or not my hair is going to actually grow back. I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard.

The new pill seems to have made me pretty wretchedly sick. I haven't had cramps like that EVER. I mean EVER. I hurt so badly for so many days that I was honestly starting to wonder if it could be something worse. My back hurt, my stomach hurt, my legs ached, my hips ached. And no amount of pain pills helped. Showers, heating pads, massages... nothing. I just hurt.

So, this isn't really a request for advice or anything. I'm just bitching about it. Because it sucks.
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I'm setting some goals to accomplish between Dec. 1 - Dec. 14:

1. Go to the gym at least 7 times
2. Cover at least 25 miles (I'm going to start the Walk to Rivendell Challenge)
3. Switch my fall and winter wardrobes, so I don't freeze to death
4. Clean my room
5. Clean my car
6. Clean my bathroom
7. Finish Christmas shopping
8. Mail overseas package
9. Pay off one more credit card (!!)
10. Rotate tires/get new tires...
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I've been wracking my brain trying to think of what to write for this challenge and my love of lists is coming to my rescue for now. And, I also thought, "start small" and had the idea to do a list of 10 things that I like that I suspect people take for granted. Also, as an FYI, these are things that have the effect of making me feel better when I'm down, make me feel like you know me and care about me, and also, just have a wonderful rejuvenating factor to them. They energize me when I need to keep going and may not know exactly where I'm going to find the strength to keep going.

1. Coffee. Yes, this is cheating, what with the caffeine and all, but I love coffee. I love the way it smells. I love the way it tastes. I love the way it makes me feel - like the whole world can pause just long enough for me to drink it and take away a moment of peace and me time.

I like my coffee black. I don't use sugar, only splenda, if I do decide to sweeten it. Sometimes, I will add cream. I like real cream. I also like whipped cream, if it's a special occasion. If it's cold, I'll take my coffee hot. If it's hot, I'll take my coffee cold.

I'll drink it Irish, too. And with desert, and with breakfast, and at 2 in the afternoon. I'd drink it at night, but everyone fusses at me, so I've switched to decaf for those evening when I just can't stand it.

2. Movies. I love going to the movies, because they are engaging, distracting, and provide an often-times much needed break from the insanity of real life. I don't have much time for movies, but it's a shame. If you can make me make time, do it!

I like going to the theater. I like the big screen. I prefer movies that I pay that much for to have awesome special effects. I like action and adventure. I like super heroes. I love fantasy and magic.

I don't like love stories that promise happy endings that don't exist. I don't like horror films that are gory. I do like ghost stories.

I like movie soundtracks and epic is always better. I love popcorn. If we're at home, I adore pickles and popcorn. (Blame my mother.)

3. Patios. I love to sit on patios. I like them in restaurants a lot, but I love them in people's houses, too. I like being outside and still being comfortable. I like drinks (of any sort) on patios.

I don't like smokers, but I'll tolerate them. I love bonfires. I like grilling out. I like roasting marshmallows, as long as someone else will eat them. Hot dogs on the grill are my favorite food. Shut up.

Music is good. Dancing with me on a patio is better. Curl up with me on a swing and I'll be happy and content for hours. Snuggle with me if I'm cold. Let me lean on you even if its warm. I'll do my best not to sweat on you. ;)

4. Baths. Bubbles are good. Lush bombs are better. Reading in the bathtub is an awesome thing. Hot water, lots of it, that I can run over my toes and feet anytime the tub needs a warm up makes me happy. So do hot tubs.

Candles, music, a glass of wine - these will make the bath experience even better, but at the heart of it, I need a clean tub and warm water. Fuzzy towels, robes, etc. for when I get out are also good. :)

5. Hugs and pets. I will stay still for as long as I physically can if you pet me. I love hugs. I love having my hair played with. Now, there is a big caveat here - if I don't know you, or just met you, don't be overly handsy. That's just uncouth. But if you're my person, and you know you're my person, hug me, damn it.

6. Music. I love music, especially live. I will see anything live (although, I'm not really that fond of jazz... but I can deal with it). I like to dance, especially if I've had a drink. I like the symphony and the opera and the ballet. I like rock and roll. I like hip hop and rap. I like pop.

Sing to me, and I will die of giggles but at the same time, love you forever.

Note - I don't do karaoke. ;)

7. Baseball. I like going to the games. I like going to ANY games. I like t-ball and I like the pros. I like small town leagues. I like baseball movies and baseball stories and the history of the US as told through baseball.

I will cheer the Braves, boo the Yankees, and respect the hell out of anyone who isn't a fair weather fan.

8. Surprises. I don't mean big "Hey, guess what, I'm moving!" kinds of surprises. I mean little things like, "I saw this and thought of you" and "I think you'd like this place I'm taking you" and "This seemed like you."

Write me stories. Send me pictures. Do something for me and I will be excited.

9. Show me something unexpected. An old man playing his trumpet in the town square. The magic of train whistles in the middle of the night. The wonder of fairy lights twinkling in the gloom. The sound of a baby's laugh, the purr of a cat, the lightening zap of an old couple holding hands. Show me pretty gardens. Show me swing sets hidden in the middle of the urban jungle. Graffitti is glorious, modern art is confusing, and amazement in the mundane is my favorite thing in the world.

10. Just... listen when I want to talk. Don't push me when I don't. Be my friend and mean it when you say you love me.
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This is something that I saw on LJ and that someone made a banner for for LJ. They said we could repost it on DW, but I don't know how to change the code... so, you just get an announcement on DW. XD

The idea is that you blog about 100 things. You can do a theme (movies, cooking, etc.), or you can just kind of blog at random. I think the idea is that it should be a somewhat detailed blogging post that is more than, "So I ate pizza. And read a book."

It could be about pizza, or about the book, just not... a diary entry. Unless your life is wildly exciting.

Anyway, I'm going to try it. And I'm going to crosspost my entries, because I miss writing on DW and this is a good way to get myself back doing it.

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In other, non-whimsy news, boot camp started back up yesterday. Lord, I'd missed it. I was in a rough mood yesterday, honestly. I was tired and kind of emotionally volatile (and by kind of, I mean I ripped off heads with wild abandon, so be glad you didn't spend time with me) and it just... declined.

I wasn't in a bad mood, per se, but I also had ZERO filter of the IB. For example, when I was in the line at the Starbucks - as I woke up dreaming about coffee and then we didn't have any at the house and that was too dire to contemplate - the woman didn't wait for me to finish specifying the trillion choices you have to make when ordering coffee at Starbucks before asking me if I wanted anything else. Without missing a *beat*, I replied that I wanted her to let me finish speaking before interrupting me. *twitch*

And it pretty much went like that, only with increasing amounts of venom behind my answers to various people. S was determined to piss me off yesterday, berating me for anything and everything from the fact that the sweet tea I brought him wasn't sweet enough to the fact that I shouldn't have trust Amanda to pack his pictures in the move because he has no other pictures of some of his past pets. I asked him point blank if he was trying to make me feel badly, and he didn't deny it, so I told him that he had been successful and I felt bad. And I did.

Then I was a complete bitch to him for the rest of the afternoon, only not, because I was still only responding in kind. But I didn't let him be snarky without retorting in the same vein. It was exhausting.

Even my paralegal at one point looked at me in amazement and said that the world was trying to piss me off and that she admired my restraint. By the time I got out of work to go exercise, I was shaking with CAPSLOCK!RAGE about too many things to count.

So, sweating was a good idea. :)

We did circuits with partners, one partner acting as the time keeper. The first circuit was 100 jumping jacks/kettle bell exercises. The second was relay running/jump rope, and the last one was relay exercises/team situps.

My shoulders are in agony today. LOL. But, God, I'd missed it.

We also got caught in the pouring rain. I was DRENCHED. Completely soaked. Oh well, though, because despite that, I still managed to be in a better mood afterward than I had been in all day. :)

After working out, I went back to the office to finish up a few things, changed, met up with the friend that joined me in my near arrest experience, and hit the town for the night. We went to some of Atlanta's finer establishments, and then decided to go to the movie theater that serves beer! Yay, beer! Yay, Captain America! Double yay for the two together!

Seriously, awesome movie. I enjoyed it tremendously and when the Avengers trailer came on, I gleegasmed and embarrassed myself in front of a non-geek friend. Oops. LOL.

It was totally worth the fact that I only got about 3 hours of sleep. Totally worth it, but good lord am I tired today. At least I'm in a better mood. :)

All right. I've rambled enough. I'm going to get some work done! Toodles!
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Since deciding to fill my life with WHIMSY again, I keep running into situations that I find unbelievable at first, and then funny later. :) I don't know if I'm just seeing it that way again, or if my determination to be that way again is putting me in more situations.

I'm going to guess the former, but... you never know.

So, this weekend, after leaving Snowman's party, I was trying to drive west, but the interstates were ALL shut down for repairs. I decided to exit on a road that I knew would get me around most of the traffic jam and still take me in the direction I wanted to go.

Clearly, I've not driven this part of the road before, because let me just say - SKETCHY AS HELL. But in between dodging the billion cars and people running across the street in the dark, I noticed a man standing on the side of the road.

I didn't notice him because of his clothes or because he was good looking. No. I noticed him because he was aiming a bow and arrow at traffic.

Visions of being shot by an arrow immediately filled my mind and I pondered that death, rejecting it in favor of rule 73 (Bewize can only be murdered if it's by ninjas), I realized that it was officially the most bizarre thing I'd seen in a while.

I also decided that unless it was an armor piercing arrow, or he was the Green Arrow or something, I was likely safe enough in the car, so other than double checking my door locks, I didn't worry overly much.


Last night, after boot camp, I went out with a friend who informed me that she "wanted to find some trouble." I'm not sure she had in mind the degree of chaos that follows me around on a regular basis, because she seemed rather alarmed when the cops showed up at one point. LOL.

It's really an innocent story. I'm house sitting. I forgot to print out the email with pertinent information on it - like, say, the alarm codes. So, when I opened the door, and the alarm went off, it took me longer than the prescribed 45 seconds to deal with said situation.

I did, however, get the alarm turned off. Eventually. Then, I decided I'd better do useful things, like take care of the dogs, before the cops showed up. So, we did that and right about the time she was certain the cops weren't coming, they showed up.

THANKFULLY, they didn't show up with guns drawn or anything. But I was talking to the officer and explaining the situation, and he says, "Is this the phone number *rattles off numbers*?"

Honestly, I had NO IDEA if it was right or not, but since he was looking a little twitchy, I just said, "Sure!"

Turns out that was the right answer, and I was able to successfully convince said officer that we were not breaking and entering. Unfortunately, I got the giggles about this time and couldn't stop laughing while I was talking to him. He did not find it nearly as funny as I did, but all I could imagine was having to call S and tell him to get me out of jail for B&E.

The friend that was with me simply pointed out that in the time it took them to get there, we could have been murdered. To which, I responded that we couldn't have been, because there were no ninjas.

The whole situation became promptly surreal at that point, but it was still damned funny.

AND, we didn't get arrested! No harm, no foul. :D

The homeowner, who got a series of increasingly frantic voice mails, followed by one calm one, "The cops came. It's fine now." simply sent a text saying, "Glad it worked out."


My life. I've missed it. *clings*
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OMG. This list is dead on accurate!

Ah, the ’80s. A time of cocaine so rampant that even movies created for an audience of small children were deeply affected. As an easily frightened young girl, I was one of the affected, and the effects remain strong to this day. Go ahead. Pop out from behind the couch. Wear a clown mask in my bedroom at night. Stab a goddamn hobo in front of me, it will do NOTHING. Such is the consequence of seeing movies like those below.

And I've added a few of my own:

Gremlins - in the microwave. Need I say more?

The Black Cauldron. Holy crap, this scarred me. For life, maybe.

Legend. To this day, I think Tim Curry may actually have been the devil in this movie.

So, how about it. What were the movies that scarred your youth? (Feel free to go beyond the 80s in either direction...)


May. 16th, 2011 12:12 pm
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I just sent my (Indian) roommate to the store for ingredients to make two Indian food dishes for dinner this week. The irony is that, despite the fact that she grew up on these foods, her mother has taught me how to make them, to ensure that her grandkids get to eat the food of their heritage some.


I am trying an eggplant dish and chicken tikka masala this week. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Also, naan is a WW NO NO. Holy crap is that high in points!
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Someone told me tonight that I should be more specific about what I want. I laughingly replied that his statement presupposed that I had any idea of what I want to begin with.

Which of course made me think:

I want a lot of things. Right now, mostly I want to quit being my own frigging worst enemy. Sometimes, I swear I self-destruct just on the verge of getting what I want, because actually getting what I want means that I have to do something - to deserve it, to earn it, to keep it, to not fuck it up, to prove myself, etc. etc. etc.

There are days where I am so damn tired of being me. Those are the days that I wonder what any of you stick around for, and today is one of those days. I mean, I'm not a bad conversationalist. I listen. I try to help. But surely I look like a giant mess from the outside, because I sure as hell feel like one from the inside at times. And yet, you people stick around. (Are you all crazy? Or just masochistic?)

This is not a plea for people to tell me what they like about me. For better or worse, you do like me and I am very, very grateful for that fact. This is more of a vent about the things I don't like about myself very much right now.

I've got to quit fucking myself over.


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